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The Xyron 2500 is a complete document finishing system. This Xyron laminator instantly applies laminate, adhesive or both without using electricity or heat. Easy to use; simply feed your item in, turn the handle and trim. If you are looking for a machine to apply a perfect layer of adhesive, the Xyron 2500 is ideal. The Xyron 2500 produces no fumes, no mess from sprays which saves, time, trouble and money. Trim the laminate to the edge of your document without worrying about peeling. These are already a must for advertising companies, but now more and more schools and classrooms are switching to the Xyron Pro 2500.


A better, safer laminating experience!


The plastic laminate doesn't melt and stick to the rolls which gives no odor. Without heat there is no chance of burns or fire hazard. Making cold laminators the practical choice for schools, offices, and mixed working environments. They are ideal for untrained or unsupervised staff who still have a need for the machine.

P/N: XYRN2500

List Price: $1,599.99

Our Price: $1,295.00

You save $304.00

Lamination Film: 25in x 300ft (2 Roll Kit)

Part #: DL404-300

Description: Thermal Sensitive Lamination Film

Price: $215.00



The GBC Pinnacle 27 roll laminator incorporates superior engineering to deliver the highest level of professional lamination quality and ease of use. The Pinnacle 27 incorporates GBC's AccuTherm heating technology allowing the Pinnacle 27 to outperform all other laminators in its class. GBC's Accutherm heating technology provides the most consistent lamination quality with the highest clarity even on long runs. Plus, the Pinnacle 27 brings added capabilities by running both Nap Lam I and Nap Lam II low melt film. The GBC Pinnacle 27 includes a fully featured control pannel that makes operation simple. This means that whether you are using Nap Lam I standard laminating film or Nap Lam II lo-melt films your school projects, banners, posters and other laminated materials will be at the top of the class.

P/N: 1701700

List Price: $3045.72

Our Price: $1,995.00

You save $1050.72

Lamination Film: 25in x 500ft (2 Roll Kit)

Part #: 3000004

Description: HeatSeal Nap-Lam 1 Film

Price: $52.00

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